Forklift Rental Pasir Gudang
Forklift Rental Pasir Gudang

Do you know what is the main cause of poor forklift performance?
Is it because of poor maintenance?
Is it because of operator negligence?
Is it because you lack knowledge on forklift?
Is it because of not having your forklift serviced monthly?
Is it because of all of the above?
We faced similar issues initially when we rented forklift to our customers. But as time went by, we started analysing and studying cases on why the forklift breaks down often. We spent countless hours to figure out a proper system to make sure that your forklift performs at the best condition possible. That is the reason on why SELKA has launched its very own


which focuses on


To eliminate downtime and optimize forklift performance.

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Published : 4-Nov-2019

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