High quality forklift for rental
High quality forklift for rental


These are the timings we recommend you have your forklift maintenance service.
Every 200 hours a full service is recommended. A factory trained technician will:

-Install a new fuel filter
-Grease of chassis and mast components
-Adjust ignition timing and engine idle speed
-Change the oil and install a new oil filter
-Install a new air filter
-Inspect the lift, distributor point, drive belt tension, spark plugs, cap and rotor

Every 600 hours, the hydraulic system should be serviced. A technician will:

-Replace hydraulic oil
-Inspect the lift chain tension, pedal free play, mast operation, carriage rollers, lift and tilt cylinder operation, hand brake, hydraulic oil pump, differential and transmission oil, fuel filter, PCV valve, and hoses.
-Clean the radiator
-Replace the fuel filter
-Replace the hydraulic filter
-Adjust the clutch release bearing, mast support bushing, tilt cylinder pins and chassis links.

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Published : 12-Oct-2020

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