High quality forklift for rental
High quality forklift for rental

4 Common Problems You Encounter Working With Forklifts

Faulty Steering
-Your forklift steering may not be functioning properly due to various reasons. It can be due to low levels of steering fluid transmission which causes the steering wheel not transmitting directional changes fast enough.

Lift or “Mast” Problems
- The mast is not raising, lowering and tilting/shifting properly or quickly enough. The mast can also raise and lower so erroneously causing damage to the carried equipment or goods.

Worn-out Tyres
- Worn-out work tyres will negatively influence your forklift performance making it unsafe to operate.

Electrical systems and starting problem
- Usually when the forklift doesnt start, check the battery if it has adequate charge and is in proper working condition.If the battery isn’t the cause, proceed to check if the machine has sufficient coolant.If both of these isnt the problem, there could be a more serious electrical issue.

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Published : 19-Oct-2020

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